Monthly Round-Up: June

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June was hotter than July, as Stevie Wonder might have sang if he was in the UK last month. As some of you know, I’m more of a fan of the white stuff, so I spent a lot of time indoors or seeking out the shade, fretting over the state of my garden.


Life is slowly returning to normal after Dom’s Everest adventure. He’s raised over £12,000 for Thames Valley Air Ambulance and in mid June they invited us over to the Benson RAF air base to meet some of the crew and sit inside one of their iconic red and yellow choppers. It’s astounding to discover that they are completely funded by public donations.

The Big Day

Wedding plans got underway, with a trip in early June to Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter to go shopping for my engagement ring. This is a lovely and historic part of Birmingham, filled with quaint old buildings and Brummie bonhomie. We envisaged a romantic day out, choosing my ring and enjoying a picnic to celebrate such a special and momentous day. I’m guessing wildly that my British friends are one step ahead of the rest of the blogging fraternity. Yes, the British weather put paid to any plans of enjoying our feast al-fresco, so we opted for the less prestigious setting of the warmth of our car, in a multi storey car park. Let’s hope the main event is more salubrious!


My little blog continues to grow and this month I welcomed our 900th follower to Planet Dom. A very warm welcome to one and all, do say hello if you haven’t already introduced yourself and let me know what life is like in your part of the blogosphere.

Social Media

StumbleUpon and Tumblr have yet to generate any interest in my blog, but I’m not doing a great deal to promote myself on either and my exposure on Twitter is at an all time low. StumbleUpon has now become Mix. Nothing stays the same for long in this ever changing world. I must say I find all this self-promoting extremely hard work and it somewhat takes away from the joy and purpose of my blog, which is to amuse and entertain.

Community Pool

I am missing the Community Pool and First Friday forums desperately. They were both an enormous source of interest and engagement to myself and countless other bloggers who I’ve had the pleasure to interact with.

I was thinking of writing a second blog, recounting the tales of our times in charge of Spice Thames Valley & Solent. Spice is a social / adventure group responsible for many of the adventures Dom and I have experienced within this blog and there are so many stories to tell. I’d learnt all the pitfalls of setting up a new blog and was eagerly looking forward to this new challenge. Instead I shall have to bite the bullet and start writing a book, which excites and terrifies me in equal measures.

That’s all for now, folks. I hope July sends abundant followers and endless traffic to your blogs!



Photo courtesy of MILKOVÍ on Unsplash



12 thoughts on “Monthly Round-Up: June

  1. Wow for Dom! That is an amazing achievement!!

    What do you think of mix? I’ve been giving it a go, but so far I find it is just very slow and frustrating!!

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  2. Sounds like an eventful June! Congrats on your pending nuptials and reaching 900 followers. I know what you mean about self promotion taking a lot of work. I use Instagram and it’s like a full time job sometimes. But the up side is you meet a lot of really cool people!

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