Monthly Round-Up: May

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

I know I'm ridiculously late in publishing my May Round-Up, and the minute I publish this post I shall be concentrating on my my monthly round-up for June, but life has been madder than usual on Planet Dom of late, as some of you know all too well. It seems like a lifetime ago, but … Continue reading Monthly Round-Up: May

All Grown Up

Ooops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

Ah, the spellchecker. A godsend for millions of people, but not quite so user-friendly if you're dyslexic. It has a nasty habit of changing words which can completely alter the tone and/or meaning of a text or email. One such clanger occurred when Michelle, our Berkshire Assistant Coordinator returned from maternity leave. Dom contacted our … Continue reading All Grown Up