Monthly Round-Up: July

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The UK heatwave continued unabated into July, with no sign of loosening its oppressive grip. Cold, wet, grey, miserable days are now a distant memory and I have long given up fretting over the state of my garden, or trying to sleep. Que Sera Sera as Doris Day would say.


Life has returned to normal after Dom’s Everest adventure. He’s raised over £12,000 for Thames Valley Air Ambulance and in late July he gave his first public talk on the importance of teamwork. It went down a storm; there aren’t too many people who have met anyone who has attempted such a challenge and there were so many questions that time significantly ran over.

The Big Day

Wedding plans are now well underway and we’ve opted for a a very small, intimate ceremony. We organised a lot of Black Tie Balls when we ran a social group called Spice, so really didn’t feel the need to replicate a big gathering for our special day. Plus, the best part of these evenings was chatting to a small selection of friends afterwards, so we decided to use this as the basis for our big day.

It’s hard to escape the reports about how much a wedding costs, but some of the amounts we’ve been quoted have been mind-boggling. Wherever possible we’ve tried to avoid mentioning to suppliers that we require their services for a wedding, as they see this as an excuse to hike up the price – how this is justified is beyond my comprehension and I have tackled a few over it. We are ever so slightly over budget, but we’re simply not willing to go into debt for one day, no matter how special it is. The most important part of the day will be giving our vows to each other with our closest family and friends present to witness what has been a long time coming.

This of course has resulted in us both going on diets. Obviously, Dom is incredibly fit, but watching the World Cup with the odd beer ‘or two’ has made its mark. Myself, on the other hand, have a lot more to lose, but a 7lbs loss is enough of an incentive to carry on munching salads and cutting down on the vino.

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

The diet starts now


My little blog continues to grow and this month I welcomed our 928th follower to Planet Dom. A very warm welcome to one and all, do say hello if you haven’t already introduced yourself and let me know what life is like in your part of the blogosphere.

That’s all for now, folks. I hope August sends abundant followers and endless traffic to your blogs!



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11 thoughts on “Monthly Round-Up: July

    • Absolutely. It’s got so out of hand these days, with brides providing confetti, flip flops and shawls for their guests. Someone is making a killing and it saddens me to see that so many youngsters are starting married life in debt because of it.

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  1. And the other up side of wedding weight loss is that you’ll BREEZE into those salopettes next season!

    I can see that it is not just Dom who has the great decision making abilities, as demonstrated on Everest. I am aghast at the cost of weddings and the obscenity of prices increasing exponentially once the ‘W’ word is mentioned. In these greedy, consumerist days, it seems to be that bigger is better while all the time missing the real point, which is, as you say, your vows and celebrating with the people who really matter to you.

    We had a small wedding. We got married on the rocks outside a lighthouse in Scotland. We hired the lighthouse (a small hotel) for the weekend and our guests (close family, a best man and best woman!) arrived on Friday and left on Sunday, so we had the whole weekend with them. It was wonderful – and it didn’t break the bank!

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    • A lighthouse sounds awesome! We’re doing something similar, hiring out a country house for the weekend, and heading off to the local registry office. There will be 25 max. Even the accommodation wanted to add an extra grand for it being a wedding, how they can justify that when they’re advertising it as a party house at a cheaper price is beyond me, but let’s just say we came to an amicable agreement!

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      • Please to hear you came to an amicable agreement! It sounds like you will have a wonderful time! For my 40th birthday, I hired out a Landmark Trust house, got caterers in and had dinner in a dining room where Lord Auchinleck and Samuel Johnson argued politics! I love the Landmark Trust – they restore historic houses not as museums, but as a resource to be used and lived in, which is wonderful! They even have a lighthouse – Old Light on Lundy, although we have not stayed there…YET!

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  2. Brilliant to read you’re not spending an exorbitant amount on your special day. It appalls me that couples are spending upwards of £15,000 on one day, when they’re struggling financially. It really has got completely out of control and crazy. Sounds like you’ll have an intimate and gorgeous gathering to celebrate your life-long union 😉

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    • Oh, you’ve started me off! I’m signed up on several Facebook wedding pages, and it’s like a brinkmanship contest. People are buying junk because someone else has mentioned they’re handing out flip flops or shawls for the evening. They’re then going back on to sell it all. Some marketing guru is making a fortune out of it all, whilst some poor couple will be paying it all off for years to come. I went on one site to ask for any tips in negotiating down a £1,000 quote for a photographer and the amount of people who replied saying “mine cost £2,000” was pitiful. I’ve so far resisted the temptation to say I have better things to spend my money on as I know the response will be “Oh, but it’s your special day!” (Rant over!)

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