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51 thoughts on “Zorbing

    • Spice brought Zorbing to the UK from NZ and each group would take it in turns to put the event on. Somehow between the 8 groups it got lost. How you lose something that size is beyond me! (Okay, so it does deflate, but it’s still humongous and you need the equipment to inflate it).


  1. What an interesting life that you have there, I have read through some of your posts, you are an adventurous person, and it is indeed fun to see you having fun. By the way, your photos can take a little improvement in the quality part and maybe you can add some more descriptions in the photos that you have taken by adding one or two paragraphs summarising what you have done in the pictures. Thank you for sharing! Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


    • Thanks for stopping by, always good to have you visit. Which photos? I have two dedicated photo sections, Monday Montage for multiple images and Photo Friday for single images. The purpose of these categories is for the photos to speak for themselves, I have added a caption on each one which comes up as you hover over it. Eventually I’ll link a story to all these (I have a LOT of adventures to share!) so think of these as more of a ‘taste of things to come.’ Enjoy!

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      • But how? They’re all high definition, taken on a very good camera, and I use Photoshop to further enhance them, yet when I publish they become grainy. I’ve asked this question before on the Community Pool and no one has answered me.

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      • I guess you need to upload the original photos into your posts, because even my photos are quite clear. If I have multiple pictures, i will embed it using flickr which will give me quite good image quality (this is the second option). Nontheless, I am not a tech savvy, i think you should try directly ask the help team from wordpress.


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