Dom and I met in 2003 on a party weekend at Oasis in Penrith, run by a social group called ‘Spice’. I was looking for someone to join me on a High Ropes course and he accepted the challenge. He later confessed he had a fear of heights. Eight months later, we had moved from London to South Oxfordshire to run our own Thames Valley Spice group, heralding the start of a life filled with fun and adventure.

At its peak, our group had 1,000 members and we organised over 100 events every month. (We did a lot of socialising!) Nearly every event needed written instructions – and that can be extremely challenging if you’re dyslexic. Let’s just say we managed to confuse a lot of members over the years, and some ‘Dom-isms’ are still repeated to this day, years after the incidents occurred. This blog concentrates on those faux pas.

Most of Dom’s misperceptions are captured under the category headings Confused.Dom and Dom-isms. Then there are those snippets that refuse to fit neatly into any given category, so please investigate our Unfathomable Observations (UFO) section. Okay, I agree it’s a bit tortuous, but the idea of this site is to make you smile.

I hope you have a blast on Planet Dom. An in-depth blog of our life running Spice is in the pipeline – and those revelations will truly make your hair curl!