Monthly Round-Up: April

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

Well, Easter was a bit of a wash-out in the UK; for three days it chucked it down in the south, whilst some of our northern friends opened their curtains on Easter Sunday to more of the white stuff. Sometimes it snows in April, as the Purple One once warbled.

This year, Easter Sunday coincided with April Fool’s Day. It tickled me pink to think of all the mums and dads substituting chocolatey goodness for some less appetising treats on their kids’ Easter egg hunts! Did you participate in any way? I wrote about our first April Fool, where we advertised a ‘Kwidditch’ match (geddit?) at the newly opened Harry Potter studios. Back in 2005 the studios were still being used to shoot those iconic films, the theme park aspect was just a figment of my over-fertile imagination. Then in a case of life imitating art the real Harry Potter studios opened to the public some seven years later. Do you think someone read my post and thought, hey what a neat idea? I’d like to think so.

Dom has started his Everest adventure. It’s been very quiet and a little bit lonely looking after our little planet on my own, but he’s sending regular updates which is encouraging. If you want some factoids to totally blow your mind, you might find my post Top of the World of interest.

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

And so it begins

Enough of our domestic arrangements, what else has been occurring?

New Tag Line

I published a post asking for input on a new tag line. This post had a great response and opinion was split over 6 of the 10 suggestions. Only four didn’t receive any votes, a bit like Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest. It was a close call, but the winner was ‘Where humour and adventure collide.’ I hope you like it.


My little blog continues to grow and this month I welcomed our 830th follower to Planet Dom. A very warm welcome to one and all, do say hello if you haven’t already introduced yourself and let me know what life is like in your part of the blogosphere.


I’ve received three nominations this month from three of the nicest bloggers in the blogosphere. I love receiving these nominations; it’s a great honour to be recognised by one’s peers and I think it’s a fantastic way of discovering other blogs and interacting with other bloggers. I always make a point of checking out the competition and have discovered lots of new blogs during this process. However, these awards do take up a lot of time; time that I’d rather spend recounting our many adventures, so I try to stick to publishing just one award post per month, but with Dom going away I didn’t achieve it this month, I hope I am excused. I will try better next month.

I hope you have some time to visit their blogs, there’s a whole lot of talent going on in that there list.

Social Media

Last month I mentioned that I’d set up a couple of new accounts – StumbleUpon and Tumblr. They have brought no  new traffic to my blog whatsoever, but I’ll continue with them for the near future. I’d be interested in hearing if any other bloggers use these as the jury seems to be pretty much divided on whether they’re worth the effort.


Every month I’ll list the blog posts I’ve enjoyed the most. No synopsis or explanation, just think of it as a lucky dip. So grab yourself a cuppa (or your favourite tipple), make yourself comfy and dive in:

Is this all worth it just to not be short?! – Midlife Dramas in Pyjamas

Celebrating Earth Day, Las Gallinas Ponds – Jet Eliot

Winter Walkies in Monte Rosa – World Wide Walkies

The Road to Adventure – doodlewash

The Snowshoe Grind – Grouse Mountain – A Walk and a Lark

Weather, Whether or Wether – Wit ‘n Word

The Representation of Brits in American Culture – Just Another Blog From a Woman


Let me know if you discover something new and exciting from the above list, and if you have a favourite blogger, why not give them a name check in the comments box so I can check them out?

That’s all for now, folks. I hope May sends abundant followers and endless traffic to your blogs!



Photo courtesy of MILKOVÍ on Unsplash



18 thoughts on “Monthly Round-Up: April

  1. Thanks so much for the mention. Your blog is one of my favorite places to visit, I love reading about your adventures. My daughter signed me up for Tumblr as well but we weren’t getting a lot of visitors so she tried WordPress. We are still on Tumblr because there are some followers there but I don’t keep up with that. I am terrible at this social media world but I am having fun checking it all out. I use blogging like an online diary/scrapbook sort of adventure. I love sharing and like to put little posts together that I think my family would love to read to see what I am up to. Funny thing about that is that family doesn’t really visit and all of a sudden others stopped by my site instead to check it out. I have met some really cool bloggers out there in the world doing exciting things…there are a lot fun bloggers sharing their lives. Thank you for that, your posts are always fun to visit, can’t wait for your next one. Happy blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You see, this is exactly why I said you were one of the nicest bloggers in the blogosphere! Thank you so much for your kind words, they mean so much. I’m so glad you enjoy our little adventures, I hope you stick around, there’s so much more to come!


  2. Thank you so much for the mensh – and the list of recommended blogs! I shall be making good use of them to go with my cuppas in the next few days!
    One of the most wonderful and unexpected things about starting a blog has been meeting so many wonderful people in the blogosphere – including yourself! I have really enjoyed sharing ideas and adventures – and have been so inspired by all the amazing stories out there.
    I am still working on growing my blog. I only started last September and am not too savvy with t’internet, so I just blog (it took me 2 months to work out how to put on a title!) I don’t have any social media going on. If anyone has any hot tips, I would love to hear them!
    Sharing each other’s work is a wonderful idea!

    Liked by 2 people

    • You’re very welcome, I think it’s great how our paths crossed and totally agree – there’s some wonderful people in the blogosphere. Long may it continue.


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