Brian Blessed

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

When I first started my blog, I posted that Dom is getting fit for the challenge of a lifetime; this year he’s climbing Mount Everest. You can check out that early post here.

What Dom doesn’t know is that I’ve secretly been approaching some of his heroes, asking them to send him a goodwill message.

Well I am completely overwhelmed! After getting several refusals, I thought my requests were completely futile. And then this!  It’s highly appropriate that the first person to respond is the genius that is Brian Blessed. He has attempted to climb Everest three times, but sadly has never summited, but you have to admire the grit and determination of this great man.


“Follow your dream, Dom!” Brian Blessed


43 thoughts on “Brian Blessed

  1. Nice touch, Jane.
    Who could forget Brian in Flash Gordon as the leader of the Hawk Men. Sorry to see he tried but did not succeed! But as he said, nils carborundum illegitimi, Dom.

    Look forward to seeing your summit pictures 😎

    As a Spicer doing good Charity work, you qualify for FREE world class structural/spinal treatments (incl. Hydrotherapy) should you require, ‘afore ye go…here at

    Best wishes


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