Versatile Blogger Award

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

First of all, thank you so much to Heather at Down to Business Mom for nominating me for this award. It’s always an honour to be recognised by one’s peers. Why don’t you head on over and pay Heather a visit? You’ll be very welcome; she’ll make you feel right at home.

I love discovering new blogs and spend way too much time having a nosey in the Reader. (I admit it, I’m easily distracted – perhaps that should have been one of my seven facts? Too late, you can have that fact for free). So why not check out my nominees and say hello, I don’t think many of them bite. Much.

The rules for this one is quite simple:

Write 7 interesting facts about yourself

Nominate 15 amazing bloggers for the award.

7 (vaguely) interesting facts about myself

  1. I’m accident-prone; I’ve flown a quad bike off a sand dune in Nambia. I’ve driven a mini motorbike into a crash-wall made of tyres (in Swindon, not quite as exotic as Namibia). I tore my ACL the second time I went skiing. I’ve been sporting a black eye all week since I had an altercation with a barbed wire fence. (No doubt I will think of others as soon as I hit the publish button).
  2. Practically every job I’ve had has involved freebies: wine, female hygiene products, ice-cream, lots of the lovely events I write about in this here blog. (I think that covers most of life’s essentials).
  3. Singing is not my strong point, but I won’t let a bit of discordancy (I don’t think that’s a real word, but it should be) get in the way of a good tune.
  4. I prefer snowy mountains to sunny beaches.
  5. I’ve had my ears pierced 7 times, but only wear two earrings (when I can be bothered).
  6. I have the weirdest allergies: Linen gives me a skin allergy. I can wear wool on my feet, head and hands, but nowhere else on my body. My knees are allergic to hypo-allergenic plasters (something I discovered from tearing my ACL in fascinating fact number 1).
  7. Dom doesn’t know any of the above (actually he does, he’s just very forgetful). Apart from the singing. He reminds me about these shortcomings on a daily basis. Oh and the black eye which he described as ‘only a scratch’.

And my nominees are:

Without further ado, I give you my list of nominees. I hope you have as much fun checking out these awesome blogs as I have in following them!

  1. Sands of Time 10
  2. Lancashire Lad
  3. Where to Next?
  4. Opher’s World
  5. Blessed with a Star on the Forehead
  6. Tea and Tales
  7. Author’s Canvas
  8. Adventures in Cheeseland
  9. Our Little Red House
  10. Thoughts of Adventure
  11. The Adventure Ubers
  12. Charliecountryboy’s Blog
  13. Le Dimensioni
  14. Nikkidiscovers
  15. Lizzie’s Restless Feet






45 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Thanks so very much for nominating me. So kind. Unfortunately I have to decline. My blog has been award-free since the beginning. This is because we travel frequently and often remotely. As a result I regularly have no or poor internet connections. I hope you understand and thanks again for thinking of me.

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  2. Ear piercings…….. Back in 1992 when piercings were just getting started in Texas, I had both ears pierced. Although I did everything I was supposed to do to keep infection at bay, my left ear got horrible infected. My ear swelled up so big that I looked like a two-headed monster. One doctor wanted to remove my ear, it was so bad. That was the first time I sought a second opinion. The other doctor said he had never seen anything like it but that we could treat it and it “probably” would return to normal. It did. But the whole experience was enough to convince me that if God wanted me to have more holes in my body, he would have designed me like that. So I’m sticking with the original number of holes.

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    • Yikes! That sounds horrendous. I had three done in one sitting on the same ear and that was painful enough, I couldn’t sleep on that particular side for the best part of a week. I don’t know how people manage with piercings in other parts of their bodies AND I DON’T WANT TO KNOW!


  3. Oooh it’s lovely to learn more about you. I can’t wear wool anywhere…it is just sooo scratchy! It’s such a shame you can’t use it to stay warm on the snowy mountains!!

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  4. Great learning more about you! We are a rare breed, preferring snowy mountains to beaches. I don’t come across a fellow winter over summer lover often. My husband can’t carry a tune to save his life. He told me once “it doesn’t have to be verbatim”. Congrats on your nomination!

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