The Silent Hill

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In response to the Daily Prompt: Undulate

In Spice we would organise lots of local rambles and walking weekends. And I mean lots. Three friends; Andy, Cara and Geoff joined forces to become our walk leaders, calling themselves ACG Adventures.

All events required a write up, and it was extremely important to include the correct information regarding the difficulty of the walks. We didn’t want a novice over-stretching themselves on a 15 mile challenge walk, for example. The members soon became wise to the fact that any write up including the words ‘undulating terrain’ was code for:

‘This is going to be a long, hard, painful slog and you will be walking like John Wayne for days afterwards.’

Now, Spicers are a friendly bunch and there was a hardcore group of regular walkers. They took these opportunities to catch up with members they might have met on other events and to introduce themselves to any newbies. So our peaceful countryside was often filled with the sound of laughter and conversation. Until they reached a hill. The walk leaders would smile quietly to themselves as the chatter would die out as the hill got steeper.

This became known as ‘the silent hill.’

7 thoughts on “The Silent Hill

  1. I am not a regular hiker. I still remember last time my friends made me go for a hike. For next 4-5 days my legs were like noodles and climbing up and down the staircase became my biggest fear.. 🙂

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    • Ha ha, can truly empathise! I once walked the Samarian Gorge in Crete, it takes on average 5-7 hours and most of it was down hill which placed a huge strain on my quads. For days after I was in agony just stepping off the pavement – I called my distinct walk ‘the Samarian Strut!’

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