Spice Up Your Life

Oops, something's gone wrong on Planet Dom

Dom and I met in 2003 on a party weekend at Oasis in Penrith, run by a social group called ‘Spice’. I was looking for someone to join me on a High Ropes course and he accepted the challenge. He later confessed he had a fear of heights.

Eight months later, we had moved from London to South Oxfordshire to run our own Thames Valley Spice group, heralding the start of a life filled with friendship and adventure.

At its peak, our group had 1,000 members and we organised over 100 events every month. (We did a lot of socialising!) Nearly every event needed written instructions – and that can be extremely challenging if you’re dyslexic. Let’s just say we managed to confuse a lot of members over the years, and some ‘Dom-isms’ are still repeated to this day, years after the incidents occurred.

This blog concentrates on those faux pas. An in-depth blog of our life running Spice is in the pipeline – and those revelations will truly make your hair curl!

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